This checklist is designed to assist you in preparing and submitting a complete application that will help to minimise processing times:

1. Completed Al-Ansar Hajj Registration Form along with Terms and Conditions.

2. Completed Embassy of Saudi Arabia Visa Form. Please use BLOCK LETTERS in completing the form neatly and correctly without making a mistake. Regulations by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia states that any application form that has correction marks on it will be returned without being processed. All names must be shown as they appear in the passport.

3. Reservation / deposits: A deposit of $5,000 per person made out to Al-Ansar for Hajj and Umrah is required for reservation. Full payment is required upon issuance of Saudi Visa.

4. Australian Passport/ Australian re-entry permit valid for at least 6 months or other passports along with copies of a notarized alien registration card. Passports should have 5 to 6 blank pages with 3 blank pages facing each other.

5. Four passport size photos with white background. Sister’s photos should be in Hijab.

6. Ladies traveling with Mahram shall provide a notarized proof of relationship (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate in case of children).

7. Certificate from a doctor stating that pilgrim is in good health, free from contagious disease, fit to travel and have valid immunization for meningitis and influenza.

Do note NO REFUND shall be issued after Saudi Visa has been printed or from 7 days before departure because at this point payments will already be made to the Hotels and Airlines on your behalf. All refunds before the 7 days prior to departing are subject to airline, administrative and hotel costs. For more information on payment or cancellation fees, please read our Terms and Conditions.

There are many aspects relating to hajj so if you want to know more about what to expect whilst at hajj and how to prepare yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually, please feel free to contact us.